shut|tle «SHUHT uhl», noun, verb, -tled, -tling, adjective.
1. a) the device that carries the thread from one side of the web to the other in weaving: »

My days are swifter than a weaver's shuttle (Job 7:6).

b) a similar device on which thread is wound, used in tatting and certain kinds of knitting and embroidery. c) the sliding holder for the lower thread in a sewing machine, which moves back and forth once for each stitch.
2. any one of various things, not connected with weaving or sewing, characterized by a back-and-forth motion.
3. a bus, train, or airplane that runs back and forth regularly over a short distance.
4. = space shuttle. ( shuttle)
–v.i., v.t.
1. to move quickly to and fro: »

[He] shuttles between Lucerne and the Bürgenstock in a speedboat, making the run in seven minutes (New Yorker). A face of…extreme mobility, which he shuttles about…in a very singular manner while speaking (Thomas Carlyle).

2. to transport or be transported by or as if by shuttle.
1. that shuttles; shuttling: »

a shuttle bus, a shuttle flight, a shuttle service.

2. that is traversed by a shuttle: »

a shuttle route.

[Old English scytel a dart < scēotan to shoot]

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